Healthcare Technology Insights, LLC

Providing the finest Healthcare Information Technology Support Consulting. We go the extra distance to make sure you are secure, compliant, and (most importantly) HAPPY

Healthcare Specific Expertise

Let us concentrate on keeping you performing at your best. You don't need to waste time explaining the nuances of Healthcare IT. Our staff all have extensive experience supporting clients just like you.


From Cloud based EHRs to on premise solutions and all of the other other tools that you need to run your business, we are there for you.Additionally, our team of experienced developers can create the integrations and tools you need when off the shelf doesn't work for you.


Complete lines of hardware from network access points, SANs, Servers and more. Our technology partners make it possible.


Want to make sure your business is firing on all cylinders? That your HIPAA Compliance and Security Audit is up to snuff? Want to fact check another provider? We're here for you with professional high performance consulting that will make you and your practice perform better

Confused about the Cloud?

We have your back. The industry has flipped from on-premise to cloud hosting, then hybrid environments and more. We'll work with you to make sure you understand the cost and performance tradeoffs/investment needed for today and for tomorrow.

Malware and Security

Your data is critical, minutes down costs precious money, and time. You can't afford to not have a top of the backup and security suite protecting you. Nefarious actors are out there. Is your data secure? Everyone is at risk. We set you up with high performance backup and end point security to protect and restore your critical data.

End Point Security

Best in class software tested regularly to make sure that you always have the finest security available.


Multi-stage backup, our solutions provide layers of security and peace of mind.

User Testing

The weakest link in every practice is often the human element. We work with best in class user testing to regularly audit users to keep your offices from getting complacent.

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